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One final self-portrait before I make a post on my website :) [x]
Self-portrait [x]
Turtle girl - Montréal Photography
Sunrise photo shoot at Sutro Baths this morning ❤️☀️🌊
An Open Letter to Photographers, Retouchers, and the Modeling Industry

Before I begin this letter I’d like to introduce myself. Hello, my name is Marie-Pier. I’m a 19-year-old woman who currently studies photography in San Francisco. I’ve learned a lot during my time studying there, and have studied under and looked up to a number of different photographers. One of these photographers is someone I knew from church, and was someone I consider a good friend. He took me on a few shoots with him, and was kind enough to show me many of the ins and outs of portrait photography, and for that I am very grateful. 

Recently, this photographer was hired to shoot a bridal show, and the company he was shooting with needed models. He kindly asked me if I was interested, and I definitely was, not to mention being flattered by being considered modeling material. So I called the woman in charge, and told her that I knew the photographer and he had recommended that I model in her show. Our conversation went as follows.

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